Fenix Industries working method

Fenix Industries fabricates parts and technical solutions for a range of applications and industries. The casting process is tailored to the customer's requirements and will therefore not be the same in every situation. To give you an insight into our working method, we have outlined a sample casting process in the following steps.

  • Requests for quotes are received via the website, email or by phone
  • Preparing a quote
  • Accepting the quote
  • Receiving a model from the client or making a model. (If there is an existing model, we can usually work with that)
  • Determine the routing, (see sand casting process)
  • The (proto)casting is made
  • Quality control of the casting

Make the order ready for transport in accordance with customer specifications

Casting price

We are able to produce both one-offs and smaller series. It is not possible to quote a price for a casting in advance. Each casting is made to order. A product can be treated and processed in many different ways, so the price of a casting is determined by a number of factors.

For example, our sand casting process offers a great deal of freedom in terms of size, shape and choice of materials. If you have a product that you would like to cast in series, then our gravity die casting process may well be the solution.

By requesting a quote, we can provide you with more clarity on the casting price. We are also more than willing to help you come up with ideas and discuss specific and complex parts with you to deliver a custom-made solution.

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