Chemicals and Gas Industry

Chemicals and Gas Industry

We supply various castings for the chemical industry and the gas industry. Examples include safety housings, sealing caps, pressure regulators and pressure parts.

These castings must meet high safety requirements. Partly because of these requirements, we carry a wide range of certifications.

What Fenix offers the chemical and gas industry:

  • AD2000 W0
  • Cryogenic application
  • High corrosion resistance

te bespreken

  • Grote sterkte
  • Uitstekende weerstand tegen slijtage en vreten
  • Dichtheid (5 % lichter dan staal)
  • Niet-vonkend
  • Lage magnetische permeabiliteit (van <1,03ยต in geselecteerde kwaliteiten)
  • Hoge corrosieweerstand:
  • Goede spanningscorrosie-eigenschappen
  • Goede cryogene eigenschappen
  • Hoge weerstand tegen cavitatie
  • Hoge weerstand tegen biofouling

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