Fenix Industries; formerly Non Ferro Gieterij Oldenzaal (NFGO).


Non Ferro Gieterij Oldenzaal is rebranded and becomes Fenix Industries starting in October 2022. It has been a long time since NFGO only operated locally, and the company was therefore looking for a name with greater international recognition. In addition, more than just non-ferrous alloys are cast.


Takeover by the Schoonderwolf Group. The Schoonderwolf Group consists of technically oriented companies, mostly active in the construction, metal and plastics industries. Most of them are located in the northeast of the Netherlands: from Nieuwegein to Dedemsvaart and from Lochem to Leek near Groningen.


A new Deputy Director with extensive experience in the metal casting industry is appointed. She ensures that the quality assurance departments are further professionalised. NDT examinations, such as ultrasound or X-ray examinations, are added to NFGO's services. Partly due to its experience in the foundry industry and metallurgical know-how, NFGO is able to maintain the highest quality standards.


The quality assurance department is further expanded and the AD2000 certificate (verified by TÜV) is added.


The company builds a new foundry due to increasing demand. As a result, production capacity is significantly increased. The new induction furnaces have the capacity for a larger melting quantity and ensure a shorter melting time.


Stainless steel alloys are added, including stainless steel grades equivalent to Duplex and Super Duplex. By building up specialist expertise in stainless steel casting in addition to aluminium bronze, NFGO takes a leading role in the market.


The ISO 9001 certificate is added.


The company formally moves to the next generation in the family.


Non Ferro builds a new foundry with a new technique for melting: inductive melting. This foundry has its own metallurgical laboratory.

In addition, Metaalwerken is acquired, an assembly plant that worked for the railways and did a lot with sealing technology. Due to the expansion of the foundry and the acquisition, the growth of NFGO is rapid. The customer group increases, and customers also come from Germany in the Ruhr area. New sectors are added: in addition to the pumping and sealing industry, NFGO now also works for railway and infrastructure and shipbuilding. With NFGO's corrosion-resistant alloys, castings are made for maritime applications, such as heat exchangers.


Johan takes over the shares and continues alone with NFGO.


Johan Leusenkamp started Non Ferro Gieterij Oldenzaal, NFGO. Johan already had years of experience in the metal casting industry and had worked at Dikkers for years.

19th century

The Twente region has a rich history when it comes to metal casting and metalworking. As early as in the 19th century, Stork had a metal foundry and did model making here.

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