We are happy to work with you on choosing the most suitable material and geometry, so that a high-quality casting is guaranteed. This also improves the price-to-quality ratio of castings.

Castings according to your desired quality standard

In order to meet the highest demands of customers, Fenix Industries operates according to stringent quality systems. Only first-class raw materials and auxiliary materials are used, after they have been tested for the correct quality on arrival.

Modern software support, including casting simulation and 3D, and an advanced network system ensure optimal logistical performance.

Metallurgical laboratory

The metallurgical laboratory enables us to perform measurements and conduct examinations that guarantee the correct chemical and mechanical values.

Our laboratory has two spectrometers, a notched impact hammer, a hardness meter, a tensile bench, and ultrasonic equipment.


At the request of the customer, we can also conduct non-destructive testing (NDT), such as:

LPE, level 2 qualification

US, level 2 qualification

X-Ray, iridium and cobalt

Wall thickness measurement


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