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At Fenix Industries, we work with various alloys. For instance, we cast with non-ferrous alloys and alloys for stainless steel casting. These castings are used for a wide range of applications and industries. Are you interested in purchasing single items or small series of high-quality alloys? Please contact us or request a quote directly so we can evaluate your request.

Non-ferrous alloys

Non-ferrous alloys are alloys that contain little or no iron, such as bronze, aluminum, and brass alloys. This has several advantages over ferrous alloys, including lighter weight, corrosion resistance, and the machinability of the alloy. This makes it possible to cast complex shapes. Fenix Industries uses it for applications in various industries.

We use the following materials for our non-ferrous castings.

  • Aluminium bronze (ASTM B148 & DIN)
  • Bronze
  • Lead bronze
  • Aluminium
  • Manganese aluminium bronze
  • Brass

Stainless steel castings

Stainless steel alloys are alloys of iron, chromium, and nickel known for their excellent corrosion resistance and high strength. Duplex is an example of a stainless steel alloy that we use for our castings. This material is commonly found in industries and sectors dealing with chemicals, for instance, in valves, gears, and housings.

For our stainless steel castings we use, among other things, the following alloys.

  • Duplex
  • Super duplex
  • Hastelloy
  • Monel
  • Inconel

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Since the late sixties, we have built an excellent reputation in the field of non-ferrous and stainless steel alloys. Through solid craftsmanship, castings are made in bronze, aluminum bronze, and aluminum alloys, as well as various types of stainless steel.

Would you like to request a quote for a non-ferrous or stainless steel alloy? See what products are possible in our casting gallery. Our process is tailored to customer demand and will not be the same in every situation. We are happy to think along with you.

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