Infrastructure & Rail Industry

Infrastructure & Rail Industry

The infrastructure and rail industry are crucial for our transport and distribution network. Reliability and cost efficiency are important in this sector. The components used in railways and infrastructure must be suitable for a wide range of applications.

Fenix Industries has experience in manufacturing components for both railway carriages and railways themselves. The parts that we cast for the railway carriages are made in series by means of coquille casting.

Fenix in the Rail Industry

With years of experience in supplying parts for both train sets and railway infrastructure, we are the ideal partner for your needs in the rail industry. We offer not only the highest quality parts but also assembly capabilities and serial production of aluminum castings.

Our commitment to quality and safety is unmatched, with parts that provide high tensile strength and elongation to meet the high load requirements of the railway industry. Additionally, our expertise in die casting enables us to produce reliable, consistent parts in series.

  • Focus on safety
  • Assembly options
  • High tensile strength and elongation
  • Serial production possible
  • Also coquille casting
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