Gravity die casting

At Fenix Industries, gravity die casting is used starting from 500 castings. We only cast aluminium alloys in our foundry. By using metal cores, we can create even the most complex spaces in the casting, with weights ranging from just a few grams to around 25 kg.

Advantages of gravity die casting

One of the biggest advantages of gravity die casting is its high dimensional accuracy. Because we work with metal moulds and cores in our aluminium foundry, we are able to create highly detailed and precise products. This makes gravity die casting ideally suited for parts where accuracy is important. For example, consider components in aviation or the medical industry. Other advantages of gravity die casting include:

  • Less post-processing required
  • Unit price is lower for larger series
  • A metal mould is highly durable and has a long service life

Gravity die casting process

Fenix Industries uses gravity die casting to manufacture complex parts from aluminium alloys. This is done using a metal mould. In case of a large number of castings, gravity die casting is cheaper than sand casting. The gravity die process consists of several stages:

Stage 1
Preheating the mould.

Stage 2
Applying coating.

Stage 3
Closing the mould and casting aluminium.

Stage 4
After the casting solidifies, the mould is opened and the casting is removed.

Stage 5
Subsequently, the next casting is poured.

Stage 6
The previous casting is checked for quality.

Stage 7
Removing the casting system and deburring the casting.

Stage 8
Any finishing touches if required, such as drumming, polishing or glass bead blasting.

Step 9
Final inspection and preparation for shipment.

Aluminium foundry Fenix Industries

At Fenix Industries, we have extensive experience in gravity die casting and manufacturing parts from aluminium alloys. We work according to strict quality systems. This ensures a consistent high quality in our aluminium foundry. Curious whether we can also carry out your project using gravity die casting? Please submit any questions using our contact form.

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