Non-Ferrous castings

A non-ferrous metal is a metal that does not contain iron or an alloy where the iron content is less than 50% of the total. Fenix Industries has specialized in casting high-quality alloys for the past 50 years. We manufacture non-ferrous castings for applications in a variety of industries.

Types of Non-Ferrous Metals

A non-ferrous metal contains no or little iron. The distinction is often made between pure metals and alloys.

Light metals, heavy metals, and precious metals all belong to the group of pure non-ferrous metals. Examples include copper, silver, gold, and tin. Non-ferrous alloys are materials consisting of two or more metals, or a metal and another element. By mixing different metals, properties are altered, such as strength, corrosion resistance, or conductivity. Examples include aluminum bronze, tin bronze, and brass.

Ferrous vs Non-Ferrous

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals primarily differ in their composition and applications. Ferrous metals contain iron as the main component and are magnetic, which is useful in many technical applications. Non-ferrous metals excel in their specific characteristics such as lightweight and corrosion resistance, making them versatile for various applications. The value of ferrous metals is often determined by quantity, while quality is paramount for non-ferrous metals.

What are uses of non-ferrous alloys?

The versatility of non-ferrous alloys makes it ideal for numerous applications and sectors. For example, the offshore industry, where very high demands are often placed on castings. A non-ferrous alloy like aluminum bronze, known for its corrosion and seawater resistance, is often the preferred choice.

For shipping, machinery construction, and other heavy industries, non-ferrous material is needed, characterized by excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and machinability. Tin bronze is one of the options.

Non-ferrous alloys are also crucial in the automotive, construction, electronics, and medical sectors, serving a wide range of industries at Fenix Industries.

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Since the late sixties, Fenix Industries has built an excellent reputation in the field of non-ferrous alloys. We can deliver high-quality castings in single pieces and smaller series. Request a quote, and our non-ferrous foundry will contact you soon. We are also happy to think along with you for specific and complex parts and engage in conversation to provide a tailor-made solution.

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