Aluminium bronze casting

Are you in need of expertise in casting aluminum bronze? Fenix Industries has dedicated itself to casting high-quality components, including aluminum bronze. Our foundry is equipped to handle both individual pieces and small production runs.

Casting aluminum bronze

The art of casting aluminum bronze - an alloy of copper and aluminum - requires skill. With years of experience and craftsmanship, we produce high-quality, custom castings. Rather than relying solely on traditional methods, we utilize cutting-edge techniques such as EPS models and 3D-printed sand molds. This enables us to deliver quickly and precisely.

At Fenix Industries, quality is not an option but a commitment. We operate under strict quality systems and only use top-quality raw materials and additives. Upon arrival, these materials undergo rigorous quality testing to meet our customers' highest standards.

Applications of aluminum bronze

We take pride in the diverse applications of our aluminum bronze alloys. Thanks to our expertise, we are capable of bringing the most complex components to life, ranging from pump housings and casings to art pieces and machine parts.

Aluminum bronze is highly resistant to seawater and possesses excellent mechanical properties. The corrosion resistance of aluminum bronze is largely attributed to the formation of a thin, self-protective oxide layer on the material's surface. Moreover, it can be easily cast into intricate shapes.

Service and advice

At Fenix Industries, we are committed to building strong customer relationships. In addition to providing high-quality castings, we are also here to assist you with advice and support. Our expertise spans from engineering and material selection to design and reverse engineering. To give you insight into our process, we have outlined an example process in the following steps:

  • Your request comes in via the website, email, or phone.
  • Quotation preparation.
  • Approval of the quotation.
  • Receipt of the customer's model or creation of a model.
  • Determination of routing (see expertise).
  • Production of the (proto) casting.
  • Quality control of the casting.
  • Preparation of the order for transport.


Our foundry can produce both individual pieces and smaller series. In addition to aluminum bronze, other alloys are also available. Request a quote today to get a better understanding of the costs. For specific and complex parts, we are happy to work with you to find solutions.

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